Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you need additional help.

All title transfers in Louisiana are required to be notarized. Acts of Donations must be completed in the presence of a notary, as well as two witnesses. Our Slidell (300 West Gause Blvd) and Mandeville offices have Notaries on sites for all of your Title and Registration needs.
Yes, please bring your renewal notice or most recent registration, proof of insurance, and your driver’s license.
In order to transfer a plate or obtain a new plate in your name, you must provide Liability Insurance on the newly acquired vehicle in the new owner’s name.
A Physicians Certification of Mobility Impairment form (DPSMV 1966) must be completed by the mobility impaired individual’s physician. We will also need the applicant’s valid Driver’s License or State ID.
Please bring your driver’s license, proof of residency and proof of insurance for any vehicle you own. All applicants renewing licenses are required to pass the vision test.
Bring the VIN, license plate number, make, model, and proof of insurance.
Yes, we offer a number of specialty plates including, but not limited to LSU, Environmental Education, Professional Firefighter, Retired Military and many more.
Absolutely. Title owner(s) can appear and request a duplicate title with proper identification.
All of our offices have license plate inventory and you’ll receive your plate upon completion of the title transfer.